Dream Reapers LF UK Diamond Mid and ADC

Hello UK ADC an Mid players, I am the coach of Dream Reapers aged 25 from the U.K. looking for high level ( Diamond 5+), UK based players age 18+ . I am creating an Academy-like team consisting of confident, committed players who are willing to learn, train and play hard. This is a team project aimed at competing in the ESL UK Premiership so please understand this before applying. Do not apply if you are not committed. EUW server Players that apply must be aged 18 and above, from the UK and can speak fluent English. Please have Skype and Teamspeak downloaded. Skype will be used for interviews and Teamspeak will be used for in game communication and training sessions. Apply by the 21st February 2016 23:59pm UK. Apply by adding My ING "dR FireVortex" on the EUW server. Interviews will be arranged after receiving an invite. At the end of the interview you will be given a trial schedule so we can see your skills. You need to be available for 4-5 training sessions a week. You must be free Wednesday Evening (5pm UK onwards) and Sunday afternoon (1pm UK onwards) each week. This is due to Qualifiers and Tournaments. Mid Lane Requirements: Ability to play a variety of Midlane champions from AP+AD Assassins to mid-long range mages and adcs, such as varus. Assassins - A good understanding of lane management around roams. Ability to farm under pressure without the aid of jungler intervention. A good understanding of jungle/mid synergy around ganks or jungle invades (any play made off lane). A strong understanding of the split push tactic. Mage/adc - Strong farming mechanics tied in with wave control to enable ganks from your jungler, and/or objective pressure (timing wave pushes with jungle objectives/dragon). Strong backline positioning in team fights. ADC Requirements: Ability to play a variety of ADC champions with strong farming across all of your mains. An understanding of the split push strategy which inlcudes lane management (freezing a wave, bouncing a wave for the lane switch). A strong understanding of positioning in lane, seiging, team fights and planned objective control . Strong communication skills in a variety of roles such as: 1) Co-ordinate a number of plays with you support e.g. engaging 2v2, leaving lane to ward/gank etc. 2) Reacting to global objectives/rotations. 3) Requesting aid when needed/ communicating with allies when you are strong. 21st February 2016 23:59pm CET to apply. Add "dR FireVortex" on th EUW server to apply for an interview. IGN: FireVortex
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