We're looking for Plat - Diamond level Jungle and Top !

Hey everyone ! My name is Solomai, and with a friend of mine we want to create a team to rush Platinum for the end of the season. Maybe higher. We would like to see skilled people, but we really do prefer people who are nice before those who act like dUcks at every mistake made. You should be able to take criticism, open in what you want to say, and also, able to have fun ! (Seriously, it looks like it is getting rare...) We do not really wish to tryhard, but we're not looking for a troll team either. Just be willing to go up the ladder with a smile on your face, and everything will go well ! Also, we might sometimes change roles, just to spice up things, or if someone knows a champ that would be great in a comp but cannot be played at his role. Now, for the requirements, TS or Skype are obviously important, and a decent level of English too. If you're a good shotcaller, say so ! It's always nice to know. And... I am Plat V, my friend is D5, we're willing to improve, and I hope you do too ! :) If you're interested, drop a message below or just add me or my friend : - Solomai - Chiryu (I might be more reactive than him though). See you later on the Rift !

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