Premade botlane [Plat] LFT teammates for Teamranked season reward

Hi there! :D Me and my premade are looking to get the teamranked rewards for this season. To do so we need 3 more members that want the same. We are both platinum V at the moment and are looking for: * Toplaner (Gold III <> Plat I) * Midlaner (Gold III <> Plat I) * Jungler (Gold III <> Plat I) To join us we ask that you: * Have an account on EUW server. * Have an elo that is gold III or higher, but not higher than plat I. * Have teamspeak 3 and a working mic. * Are able to speak decent English so that we can understand what you're saying and vice versa. * Are able to play a few games this week. * Are at least 16 years old. We want to play some games straight away so if you're interested please add 'Kushimoto' Thanks for reading and see you on the Rift! Greets, SoG Kimba & Kushimoto
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