Smurf LF another Smurf on silver/gold league for DuoQ (High win rate only)

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Hello, I'm 26 year old from Sweden, playing since S2. I'm now smurfing and looking for another smurf (or exceptional player) at Silver/Gold bracket to come and join me. At the moment I have 54 Wins 40 Losses (57.4 % win rate, 3.14 KDA) which is OK, I'd like to improve it to at least 66%+ along the way. My goal is to have a good time and reach Diamond+ on this account (this acc is my oldest and I love it because of all the skins I have :) ). Be smurf, with same win rate+ & have 60+ games. Have a stable connection, non flamy and play to win. IGN: Big Hero Goran, Hopefully I'll see some of you in-game :) My approximate playtime is: Weekdays: ~18:30-23:00 Weekends: May vary, some time slot can be decided.
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