Looking for a private coach to help me get out of bronze!

just looking for somebody that can help me get out of bronze. I do good at the start and then my teammates start feeding :( I just want to learn how to carry my team so I can get out of bronze. I **don't **want to pay for a coach! These are a few champions I can play. {{champion:240}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:74}} TOP {{champion:245}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:34}} MID {{champion:136}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:84}} LEARNING {{champion:201}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:223}} SUPPORT {{champion:154}} {{champion:11}} JUNGLE CANT PLAY ADC Skype: LittleDexter16 Discord: Dexoii#2902

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