Forming a Diamond+ team

Hello everybody, I am Yês, and I was master tier in season 4 and had a huge break in season 5, but now I am coming back and soloque in preseason is utterly unplayable so I was thinking of creating a team and managing it thriving to reach higher with new friends as my old friends don't play league. I believe I dont need to explain all the trivial things like "constructive critisizm" and "flame issues" as people who apply I trust me be modest and trustworthy. Well lets move on! I am a mid laner, and I will be most likely shoutcalling in the game, so I am looking for able top lane, bot lane and jungle. I am looking for players who are positive that they can go to high diamond in team ranked after practicing and training with the team, we will have 2 set days when we practice. We will be using discord to speak to each other. Do not be shaken by the quality of this post, I am really serious about this team and looking forward to people. If you are interested to join just post below, I will add you and we will have a chat/practice games. You can alternatively add me up to you. Cheers!

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