Serious Ranked Team looking for talented and hungry Player !

Hello there ! Team Energetic is currently looking for new Substitudes for our Team ! Our current Roster ( 15.7.15 ) Top : Mattesjoker Diamond 2 Jungle : TEG AlphaRed Platinum 3 Mid : Capable Diamond 5 ADC : Auronmax Diamond 3 Supp : TEG Snow Diamond 5 Coach : TEG Warbow Platinum 3 To our Team : Team Energetic is an competitive and (acutally) semi-pro team , which is looking for new talented and hungry Players for every role . Our next goal is to play and win a bigger Tournament like the DrPepperCup or Go4Lol . To achieve that Goal we have to train often and long . And thats exactly what we want you to do . Everyday our coach will check your Training-workload and if someone of the Mainroster will struggle or can't achieve his weekly workload , you will sub in ! You are interested ? : So just add me ingame , after you introduced yourself in the comments below ( IMPORTANT : I WONT ADD SOMEBODY WHO FORGOT TO WRITE THE COMMENT ) [ TEG Warbow ] . I will talk to you soon and spectate a few games of you . After some Games the complete Team will decide wether you are worthy to pick up as a sub . Cya , TEG Warbow !
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