Lux OTP support, want people to play with, duo or full queue

Basically what the title says. I am not a picky type of person, are you like...Silver 4 to Gold 5-4 then you're perfect. Voice chat is optional if people like that kind of stuff. So yeah, add me or something I guess? Ahri the Kumiho (Currently Silver 2) I might be a bit passive-aggressive (if people are asses first), I also do not properly tryhard (but try my best as it goes) but that at least makes the game more fun and less of a hassle, think you got the same mindset? Then we should play, try and get Gold (unless you already are) before the end of the season. Probably will be playing all night. Lux OTP was kind of a joke, but she is my fav character to play as~ I can do other non-meta supports too, because pfeh meta, play what you like and have fun with! Also, can also do mid, kind of. {{champion:103}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:22}}

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