Plat 4 Midlaner/Support LF ranked team.

I'm currently in plat 4 (In promos for plat 3) I can play both support and Mid lane if needed. And I could also play other positions but I am no where near as comfortable. Ideally i'd prefer everyone on the team to be Gold 2 +. I also have TS3 and Skype but I would prefer to use TS3. Mid lane - I prefer farm style champs and just farming up to strength My favourite champs are: {{champion:112}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:6}} Support - I prefer to try win lane hard but if the ADC passive is more passive that is fine. Favourite champs are: {{champion:412}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:25}} If there is anything else you'd like to know be sure to add me in game:)
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