Looking for 5v5 Ranked team (Support pref)

Looking for a ranked 5v5 team to play with, not too serious but still trying to win, I want to have a little fun too. I'm Gold 2, I'd prefer to play **Support** or ADC. Mid lane is fine but I can only play mages mid at the moment. I'm from Sweden, so I speak Swedish but I can also speak decent English (In my opinion.) I can use Curse, Skype or ts3. Skype is prefered though. I'm online daily unless I'm not home. (I'm currently in USA until Sunday with 3k ping) I'm 14 years old at the moment, don't worry I'm **usually** quiet so my voice won't annoy you. I'm not very toxic, but I do get a bit salty at some times. Please do not let the fact that I'm 14 bother you... If you're intrested please add me or/and comment here. *Caltys*

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