Oxide Gaming Recruiting You!

Hello Summoners! A new team has been formed under the name of 'Oxide' and we are recruiting eager and active members to help us climb the ladder and become triumphant! Please read **ALL** of the information below as it is very important **A little about me** My IGN is TuckFits, I am Platinum V and have played since the end of season 1 and have extensive experience within a ranked team, I captained a team in S5 that had reached Platinum 1 and I would like to beat this with the help of some great players! **Goals we want to achieve** Team Oxide is going to have goals which we will try and acheive by the end of the season and the start of season 7. * Have an active, friendly and synergised team by the start of S7 * Have fully developed team comps around team strengths * Created strategies to help us dominate the ladder rankings * Reach Gold V by the end of season 6 * Reach Diamond by the end of season 7 **What will we be doing to help achieve these goals? ** * Create a roster that can dominate ranked games * Play 5 times a week * One of these days devoted to creating Team comps and Strategies in normal draft pick * 4 Ranked Team days per week **Okay, Now to get into the nitty gritty and this is where I may sound a little mean, but I want to make sure the team is at its best and successful. ** **Roles Required** * Jungle * AD Carry **If you apply for a role you must already be very good at it and main it, as I am looking for people skilled in their role with good individual talent. ** **Personal / Individual Requirements** * No Toxic people allowed in the team as this creates a bad atmosphere and lowers team moral * Able to realise your own mistakes and be willing to strengthen your weaknesses * Solo Queue Rank - Gold 2+ (Sorry but no lower than this) * Speak Fluent English * Have Access to a working mic and Discord (Discord is basically TS but better for teams and communication) * **YOU MUST (MUST) be able to play 6.30pm - 10pm (GMT+0) on every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday** This is the mean part - If you fail to meet all of these requirements you **WILL** be kicked from the team with our 3 point strike system which I will explain below in the rules section: **Team Rules** * No flaming or being toxic to team mates or the enemy team * Attend every day we are scheduled to play / practice * Be positive about the game and don't create a negative atmosphere in the team chat Every time you fail to comply to any of these rules you will be given a **'Strike Point'** Upon reaching your 3rd Strike Point you will be kicked from the team and that will be the end of it for you. So as you can see the main things I am looking for is a decent team who are positive, commited and are willing to play every scheduled day to make the team become a success... Yes diamond is our goal and it won't be easy, but if we craft a team that is willing to do all of these things, we will make it there and I can promise you that! We start playing on **Thursday 6th October** **Add me in game for a short interview and we can get started!** Thank you very much everybody, **TuckFits**
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