5's Team looking to finish off core team

As title says, my team is looking for a few positions. I have been playing since 2010, currently S1(disappointing, I know) and intend on finishing high gold, plat if I grind that much. What the team needs are: Top - Don't only play 1 Champ. Cool, you main Sona top, but be a team player with your picks(and be able to play more than 1), because a team only works as well as its weakest link. Be able to play safe vs counters and know when to have aggression. You don't have to win lane to win game {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Jungle - Kinda the same thing as top, but more about controlling the game and less on the huge champ pool. If you main rumble jungle and can keep the lanes in check, sweet! But really, we want someone who can be smart with their(his or hers) decisions. Mid - "Play Maker", The team needs someone who can take over games(at silver/gold, this is kinda easy at times), but also understands that risks don't always have to be taken if the lanes are doing well. As far as the champ pool goes, read the Top needs. AD"Carry" - First and foremost, if you do not have the ability to carry games, this should not be your position. I myself Main ADC but will go to 2ndary position(s) if a better ADC decides to join the team. Champ pool wise, you better main more than Urgod. Support - Warding is a life line every team needs in order to make plays, along with some basic knowledge. Be happy with your role, the team doesn't work without a decent support, so be proud of your main role. I do ask you play a few supports and not just 1 though, but I understand most supports have a best. Yes I listed all roles(because I can play more than just ADC if the team needs), Yes I am the only one on the team, Yes I will always be honest with you, and I expect the same from all my teammates. As far as overall requirements, please read below(sorry for the wall of text). Team Requirements: Be Vocal Be Respectful Have a WORKING Mic, along with TS / Discord Act like you aren't 12, I don't care about your age. Application: What Role Do you main? What are your Best 3 Champs at the Role you main? What times are you available? Can you play a 2nd Role as good as your main? What is your 2nd best Role? And last but not least, ready to have some fun? Note: You do not have to answer the last question Please leave an application, I don't usually accept random people who add me. Thank you for reading, and good luck to all the rest of the season.
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