From Silver to Diamond - LF duoQ partner with same vision - might be streaming

Hello, So i'm gonna climb the ladders now and LF are stable partner for the fun of it - mechanically i find gold/plat players below me. I tend to play jungler or ad carry mostly. Inspired by Nightblue3's Bronze 2 Diamond journey, I'm looking for someone with the same vision as me. Some reqs below. You should have these attributes: + Able to carry games + No toxic/flaming player + Good performance + Good mechanics (plat+) + Close in MMR + Stable internet connection + Improve over time + Sense of humor (Not every game is carry-able, but we should always do our best and carry the game as much as we can) Currently i'm offering someone to play with me and carry games with me. This will require time from us both playing game together on daily basis. IGN EU WEST: Big Hero Goran

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