Serious team LF jungler [Diamond+ preferred]

Hello everybody! My name is Lucas, the captain/owner of the team "Obvious Mechanics". We are a serious team looking to improve at a fast rate. We compete in weekly and monthly tournaments for prizes and a lot of fun. Recently our jungler left the team because he felt that he could not live up to our plans for 2016 and didn't have the time/motivation and didn't want to keep us down because of him lacking. So I have come to the forums to attract some junglers that are interested in joining a serious, active, social, motivated ranked team (we only play 5v5 by the way). **** **What's in it for you?** - A great team environment - Room for improvement - Prizes from tournaments/other sources of income - A new group of awesome friends **** **For everyone interested** Add me in-game: OM el bojo loco Skype (almost never on it anymore): elbojolocomaan Contact on website: Join our discord chat: **** We will choose how long the tryout period will take depending on how many applicants we get and how often they are available (we will take max 3 applicants). **** **Requirements** - Diamond 5+ - Good working headset + mix (No breathing in the mic! for some reason all our tryouts seem to do that all the time) - Every tuesday evening availability from 20:00 CET (this is 100% a requirement or its a simple no-go) - At least be available about 16-20~ hours a week - Motivation to improve your individual skill and learn champions for team purposes I hope to hear from some awesome junglers soon! So long, el bojo loco

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