Gold support (s6) desperatly searching for an adc main to duo with

**Hi everyone out there, duckie here :)** I'm a support main, as you could have guessed by the title, looking for an adc to duo with. I have just dropped down from Gold division III to Silver IV, and even tho I already played a couple of games and reached Silver II: I feel like I might need some help, and hopefully provide a ton as well ;) > (Here comes some backlayer information that you could skip if you feel to :P) > > I have been playing support for quite a while now. I started off with good old Hookmaster-Blitz during januari season IV. Since then I have been switching between Midlane, Jungle, Adc and Support_ (Mainly adc and support). _ > > Even tho I still play adc in ranked I feel like most of the supports in this elo are just "Autofills" or people that arent that good to be honest. Sometimes games it feels like I'm 1vs2-ing some games like I'm 2vs1-ing. But supports are actually very important to the game. Supports are the champions who carry carries, just like many junglers, but more focused around the squishy adc. > > Playing support isn't that easy tho. Even if the role might feel more forgiving than others- it's much harder to climb with, if not the hardest. As suppoet you are very team reliant which means: if your team isn't doing that well, sorry you might loose the game and it's almost nothing you could do about it. > > That's why I'm seeking out. Oooooh all adc mains out there, hear my prayers and accept my poor hooks and bubbles. **I main two champions as support** _(Even tho I'm looking to learn Janna and Thresh): _ 1. Nami {{champion:267}} 2. Blitz {{champion:53}} **Sadly I have a couple of "restrictions" tho** * I would be happy if you are not the extreme flaming kind of person _(even tho tilting and getting upset is just apart of the game)_ * I would be good if you had Skype, so we could communicate easily- making quick calls. * I would also like if you have somewhat of a mature voice, I'm 17 y old myself and I would like you to preferably be at least 15. * You should have a pretty good gameknowledge, _(be knowing about things like: Wave controll, positioning, when to farm/fight, powerspikes, peeling, tilt, kiting, maximum "save" dps)_ * You should preferably not be a player that gives up on a game * You should be looking to constantly improve, watching guides, streams etc. etc. * Lastly you should be a player not afraid to get criticism_ (In a constructive way)_ as well as being good at providing good criticism- this is mainly because I'm looking to constantly improve and even if I dont agree on all ideas or critic I get- it's never wrong. All this requirements may have been a dickmove, I don't know. But this is the way I feel like playing. But if you feels like "Hey, this sounds pretty neat" or "This must be the dream within my dreams" just leave a message here below and add me. Don't just add me- or I might not accept :( IGN: HelloDuckie And leave a disslike if you don't like my requirements ;( > _ Regardless I hope you all have a good holiday (if you currently have one) and I wish you good luck on the Fields of Justice _
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