People to chill out with and have fun

Hello everyone, ** Who am I?** I'm a 27 year old professional from the UK and I play this game for fun and for life advice. I am not embarassed to say that league has actually taught me a number of things about myself and how to be a teamplayer, in real life and at work. ** What is my league experience?** Anyway I have never really played ranked except 1 placement series in Season 3 where I won 9/10 games and got silver 1 and then decided I was bored of playing the babysitter of my team 8/10 games. The hardest job was just trying to pacify everyone and getting people to play the game instead of flaming each other. It was so tiresome! Since then a lot of my friends I used to play with have quit LoL (I came back after a few years) and I find myself playing normals a lot on my own and it is the **worst thing ever**. The absolute worst thing is to be stuck with a 4-person premade who spend all game ignoring you and flaming you while they have fed all game. This is just not fun. I'd rather play ranked where people actually try to win rather than try to make your life miserable. ** Where I play:** I have mained fill ever since I started playing in Season 2. I usually ended up jungle, ADC, support, mid, top in that order. My best role is probably support and bot lane. I honestly have lost most of my jungle micro skills since season 3 because there's been so many jungle changes! Jungle Kayle OP though. **My philosophy** Teamwork is hard. Coordination is hard. I feel that often bot lanes flame each other and mess up not because they are bad, but a lot of the time because they just don't know how to play together. I found that when I was playing bot lane with my friend, we didn't need to communicate much, but we coordinated really well. I think the key is to know your partner, but also to have the mentality of _"if one person goes in, you follow, and be prepared at all times"._ Sure, sometimes someone will make a bad play, that's life. But at least both of you have given it your best shot and can learn from that. You learn nothing from a half-arsed attempt at a play. The funnest games I played with my friend were alistar and blitzcrank botlane - we ruined enemies so hard they actually laughed with us and said it was the best game they played for a long while despite losing! ** Who am I looking for?** I am looking for people who are chilled and are looking to have fun. Ideally you're still looking to improve and win every game but haven't forgotten it's a game. If you're going to flame, at least make it witty and intelligent. Everyone has their bad days and bad games, but I just want teammates with some emotional maturity. ** When will I play?** I'll play whenever, but I have a very busy job so if you're looking for a reliable climbing partner then I'm not the right person for you. ** Interested?** Please reply here or hit me up in-game! ** I don't mind playing ranked or normals - it's all the same to me really.**
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