S3 Player LF Team

Hi guys, i'm a Silver-Player (currently S3) trying to reach higher leagues (who doesnt :D ). I played CS 1.6 for many years on a high level (pro series / iem / worlds) and i miss the team-feeling a lot - so im looking for a ranked team to have some fun with. Im not the youngest player (27) and got some stuff to do in reallife (work, chairman of a sports club, ...) but i can manage to play monday & friday or saturday (no fix days coz of beer) & sundays. tl;dr Age: 27 Native Lang.: German (i live in austria [ so its GMT+1 ] ) English: should be enough for communication Main roles: SUPP (leona thresh and bard soon) | MID (nida xerath lux) | ADC (vayne ez) Skype: rindolino InGame: rindolino In skype im always online so u can reach me during work-hours on skype too. Ingame im not always on so dont be mad if i cant answer there 24/7 Any further questions -> add me or ask here best regards rindolino
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