Team Night - Recruitment!

**League of legends players! ** I made a ranked team for fun and for serious players we currently got 18 people but we need more! Atm, We got now over 20 people and are still looking for people! Our B-Team still need people are you want to get in B-Team! join now Also B-team needs a leader who wants to be a leader!? we need: everyone We play all day long so no time needed but u need to be active! have a microphone Speak english just standard english Age 16+ cuz we want to be a bit serious and not ragers;) if not rager just add! We play when we are with 5 or with 3 on flex queue how more people join how more games we could play. We also make rank 1 team rank 2 team and rank 3 team so u can grow in the group as well! Who is in? and who is excited to play in a team? just type in chat We will place you in the right team! Kind regards, **Team Night**
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