Dodgeball in Summoner's Rift!

League of Legends Dodgeball
Basically a match between any champ with low cooldown single target skillshots.
I'm looking for people to play Dodgeball in Summoner's Rift! #RULES# #You can't buy ANY item #The game is played in the Baron pit #You should buy pink wards to create a line between the Baron pit #You can't farm or level up #Pick a champion with a SKILLSHOT and level up that ability #You can't use autoattacks #There are 3 rounds, the last team standing wins a round #You can use runes Add me in EUW: Dyamondis ALLOWED SKILLSHOTS: Nidalee Q, Kennen Q, Dr.Mundo Q, Ezreal Q, Lux Q, Morgana Q, Brand Q, Kog'Maw Q, Veigar Q, Kalista Q, Ivern Q, Jhin W, Bard Q, Ryze Q, Rumble E, Rakan Q, Rek'Sai Q, Xerath E, Tahm Kench Q, Braum Q, Sion E, Kha'Zix W, Jinx W, Rengar E ALLOWED SUMMONER SPELLS: {{summoner:6}} Ghost, {{summoner:7}} Heal, {{summoner:21}} Barrier, {{summoner:4}} Flash

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