Creating Serious 5v5 Ranked Team

Hello there guys, iam in work to create a serious team, Requirements and what we can offer: -The team got a Daily Playtime Shedule so pls be rly active. -Playtime is from 20oCLock CET for atleast 2 Games. -Be able to hold our shedule atleast 4 times a week. -Iam looking for EveryRole except Supp. -We will use Skype/TS for communication. -be atleast 18years old -Wish to be part of something more then just a grp of people who just play the same Game -Play atleast 3hours aDay -Dont be in BronzeElo -Pls rly main the role u apply for -I will play some Normals with u to see how u behave in different situatuions and get used to your championpool. - Huge Tryouts today at 20oCLock CET. Sitenote: People who are alllready member of a Team ( even if its just for fun with Friends or something ) getting Declined if ur interrested pls apply here and/or addme ingame for a chat. Strawhatya :)
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