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_**Calling all League of Legends players! The Semper Fi community needs you! We are now recruiting for all of our LOL teams!**_ Recruitment has now started for our Semper Fi League of Legends Academy, welcoming players of all ELO's to join our ever-growing friendly clan which is looking to branch out, specifically in to League of Legends! We will be creating teams for each ELO and so will have teams for Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and even Challenger/Master players! Each team and each player will have the same benefits as all other players and all will represent our company whether it be in tournaments, scrims, practice or amongst the rest of the Semper Fi community, and so, we expect all players to be role models to others and create a positive reputation for the League of Legends division. _**All players must meet the following criteria before they can apply:**_ - Fluent in English. - Be willing to co-operate with team members and have the willingness to improve every day. - Commitment, whether it be to practice or playing in tournaments all players need to be committed to the team. - Conduct themselves in the best way or risk receiving a strike upon their name which could tarnish the reputation of the League of Legends division. - Don't be afraid to try new things whilst keeping up with the meta, if you think something works then tell your team captain! - Welcoming to all players old and new as we are all a family - And most importantly...have fun! We want to win and achieve as much as possible, but you'll enjoy it a lot more if you remember that we compete as a team! For any further questions, or to apply to join the team send in an application to the discord "apply for league of legends" pannel! We will make sure to answer all your questions! _**Also make sure you check us out on social media for all the latest updates!**_ **Discord**:[]( **Facebook**: []( **Twitter**: []( **Youtube**: [ ]( **Steam**: [ ]( _**Or check out our website!**_ []( All players need to come forward right away so that we can start to build the teams ahead of a busy practice schedule this summer in preparation for Season 7 and beyond! Don't hesitate to contact us through discord! We hope to hear from lots of you soon! Comment down below if you're interested and we will speak to as many of you as we can! _**Good Luck Summoners!**_
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