How to get the LoL - back in League

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_**Introduction**_ This is supposed to be the introduction where i throw you a cheesy sales pitch, and feed you a lot of empty words and promises, like many other advertisement threads, and many communities to let you readers get reeled in and hooked, instead what i’ll be writing below might not be as fluffy and empty as what you’ll be reading in other threads, but instead I can guarantee that we will be 100% delivering in the things we write. **_Who are we?_** Horsemen of Apocalypse _**(HoA)**_ is an international gaming community who have existed for over 10 years now, though with a recent break of around 2 years, where the top leadership took a step away from community management due to real life responsibilities. We’ve had several sub-sections within a multitude of popular games through the years including but not limited to: * Starcraft II * Minecraft * Guild Wars 2 * World of Warcraft * Warcraft III * (And naturally League of Legends) We’ve some months ago decided to begin rebuilding our community due to us experiencing the communities around us, still aren’t managing to solve some of the key issues online when it comes to communities. _**Why is that?**_ * In many communities, you’ll be treated as just a number, in HoA you’ll be seen as a part of a growing family * In many communities, drama, negativity and toxicity tends to take overhand, in HoA it gets dealt with and swiftly, because we’re here to enjoy games, and unwind from a stressed day with husband, wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, kids, jobs, and studies. * Many people wish to take clan leadership not to improve anything, or to create unity, but simply to help give them a sense of power online. _**What do you get?**_ * A non-toxic environment. ✔ * Community where you’re treated as a part of a family, and not just another sheep in the fold. ✔ * Highly customized Discord server with several bots - ✔ * Own domain & website. ✔ * Own vBulletin paid forum. ✔ * Backup Teamspeak server incase that some people prefer that over Discord, or that Discord is experiencing lag issues. ✔ * A mature leadership in their late 20’s, with previous management experience both from online and real life. ✔ _**What do we expect of you?**_ * You are a person who’s somewhat able to communicate in english, both written and verbally. * You have an interest in the “gaming community life”, where you’re here to socialize on Discord, both in writing and verbally, and you’re here to meet a bunch of new friends. * You have a sense of humour, if its a “darker” sense of humour, even better ;-) * You have a tolerance for newer players who’s here trying to learn the game, even better if you’re willing to help them learn. * You are a positive influence and person * Discord installed and a working microphone **_How do you join?_** We have chosen to have an application process, simply to increase the chances of getting serious members, the application process can be started on the [Application site]( or by coming on [Our Discord server]( If you have any questions, you’re more than welcome to reach out to the management on League of Legends HoA Horizon or HoA Ancient Or on [Our Discord server]( _[HoA] Ancient#4301_ _[HoA] Horizon#4364_ Or simply by writing in this thread :-) Have a great evening! {{sticker:vlad-salute}} HoA Horizon Community Leader
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