LF Diamond 4+ Players EUW [Ranked 5's, On-line and Off-line Tournaments]

CRT is currently looking for dedicated players to create a competitive roster and join them in progressing their goal of improving and competing. With a dedicated staff, we want to take on people who want to improve as players as a team and provide them with the resources to do so. Requirements: Applicants must have TeamSpeak and a working microphone. Applicants must be 17 or over. This is due to competitive restrictions in some tournament rulings. Travelling for LANs will require parental permission if you are under 18 years old, however, management and coaching staff are able to act as guardians for minors. Dedication. We expect all players to arrive on time and be ready to practice with no distractions. Upon starting with the new roster, practice times will be arranged that work with the every player's schedule. Maturity. This team requires you to be responsible and honour your commitment to it. We like our players to enjoy themselves and have fun, but we also expect them to knuckle down and work hard. You must be able to give and take constructive criticism as well as be ready to admit your own mistakes. Nobody is perfect and there is always something that can be improved. In that same vein, we do not mind banter, but being toxic is something we do not abide. In return for all of this, you will gain access to the following: Coaching. The coach and assistant coach attend every practice and will be there to assist in the creation of team compositions, pick&ban, teamwork, vision, individual improvement etc. Dedicated team-mates and staff. Everyone around you will be there to assist you in anything you need or require help with, be it suggestions for a build path or someone to talk to in confidence. Financial assistance for LAN tournaments. The owners of the team are willing to pay towards travel for each team member to attend LANs should it be necessary. If you would like to apply, please fill out the form below and respond here. One of the coaching staff will then contact you in game. IGN: Age: Location: Role: Current and Highest SoloQ Ranking: Top 5 Champions from best to worst: Have you ever been a shotcaller?: Any previous Ranked 5's experience (please include ranking): Goals for LoL/e-Sports:
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