[S5 Plat+] - LF Jungle & ADC for Dynamic Queue Team (SERIOUS)

Hello community. My name is Eclipze, call me Clipz if you wanna, and today i'm making this post in hope of finding motivated and very active players for a Dynamic Queue Team! I expect you to read the whole post before you contact me, and i also expect you to leave a comment with info (scheme can be found below). **About Me:** As i said before my name is Eclipze, but some call me Clipz. Ended last season in Plat 4, and my peak was Plat 1 60+ LP. I mained Mid lane for the last season, and intend to do so as well for this one. For this season i improved my CS'ing quite a bit, and also became a stronger laner. My play style is usually mages, but i have a diverse champ pool, and with some practice i am ready to change my picks up as well. I live in Denmark and i am 17 years old, soon to be 18. I go to school in the weekdays, and sometimes work, but i will always be online the latest at 19:00 GMT+1. **The Team:** I've always wanted to play in a team, but i didn't wanna make one till i hit high diamond since i found low elo 5v5 ranked some what pointless. However with the new Dynamic Queue, people who play 5v5 are taking the games quite a bit more seriously since they wanna get a good rank, and so here i am. On the team we will play 4-5 times a week (excluding normal solo/duo/triple que's whenever someone else dosen't have time) and for hopefully 3-4 hours each time. The goal is not set, but my personal goal for this season is D2+ which i know i can reach if i play enough. That should be a key factor for the team. When you queue up as 5, you are most likely against 5 premades as well. This means games most likely will be harder, due to increase in teamwork. I want everyone to understand that you don't necessarily climb faster as a team. It will take time to get synergy and teamwork. This might mean some really hard losses, and that's why i am looking for players who consistently look to improve themselves. I am looking for Jungle & ADC **What Do i Expect From You:** - You were Plat V+ last season, and Gold+ now (If you are silver but with very good win rate i will consider). - You are an active league player who plays alot. - You are looking to improve your own play, and ain't scared to try and learn something new. - You read the whole post. Trick question. This is to see if people actually read the post. Write the number 4 before making a comment to this post so i can see you actually took the time to read this. - You speak good/fluent English - You can play in the weekends as well (not necessarily every weekend, but for online tourneys etc.) - You can play around 19-23 GMT+1 on weekdays and weekends. (Maybe be earlier/longer on weekends). - Your age is 16+ (Again if you are younger, but have good arguments for joining, i will consider). - Have Curse Voice or Teamspeak. **I Made It Through The Wall of Text, What Now?** You now fill out this scheme below and leave a comment. Please do not add me before you have made a comment. Also remember what i said in the section above. If you actually read it you know what i mean. Looking forward to hear from you all! Fill out this scheme and post it in the comments below IGN: Role: Rank (S5 & S6): How Active Are You: (If possible, write what time you are online for the most part like 18-23 GMT+1) From: My Englando Is Good: Age: School/Job: After you have made a post, add me on League. I also wanna say that the Tryouts will be running Monday to Wednesday and will be played in Normals & Ranked. Tryout times will be between 19-23 GMT+1 and i will write to you beforehand to hear if you are ready, i however expect you to be ready if you added me. I can't promise everyone gets a tryout as i already had an overwhelming response in my earlier posts, but i will try my best to inform whether or not you can tryout :)
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