Creating a new team

Hey guys. First of sorry if the english is not the best I´m from germany and not so good in languages;) As you can guess by reading the title I want to create a new team. Me: Midlane main, but i can play some toplaners too and plays also full ad rek sai in the jng. Elo: Gold 2 So yeah....thats about me. I have Discord/ Skype/TS so i think we should find something to comunicate. I would love if there would be some guys which want to rank with me in flex or in this upcoming team...thing that riot announced. If thats the case write down here pls ( i m getting all the times confused when i get friend request´s. also i could see, if there would be enough people and if we can fill every role) Yeah....thats it. Hope u come:)

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