Team "RADCON," Gold Ranked Team, looking to recruit ADC and Support

Hi there, This is a new Ranked Team me and a friend have just made. We may have some additional members soon, but in the meantime I thought I would search for some good players who are interested in joining. We are seeking skilled individuals that are comfortable with their ability to hold their lane and understand the importance of teamwork. Me (Luke), and my friend (Sandro) are currently in Gold, but more interested in team play than solo queue. We made RADCON; Radical Conclusions, just yesterday to fulfil that objective. We are relatively casual players, and friendly, but yearn to improve our game through coordinated effort and critical feedback from other skilled players. If you are currently in a gold division and want to practise synergising with other players, who are interested in both developing their individual mechanics and team coordination; then maybe you'd like to consider joining us. --- - We will use Skype or Teamspeak for our communication, in this regard you will need to be able to speak English comfortably. - You need to be able to play at least two roles very confidently. - You need to be happy to improve your game, through feedback on your decisions, and finding new ways to approach your decisions. - You need to want to give feedback on other members' decisions (constructively). - You need to be able to play at least three evenings per week, with two games minimum per evening of play. - Currently we have myself, who prefers Top or Jungle, but I will be considered the dedicated Jungler; Sandro who plays both Mid and Top, who is the dedicated Mid laner; and Pascal who plays Top and ADC, who is the dedicated Top laner. - Thus **we are looking for two players to be our dedicated Support or ADC**, with the ability to play as either Jungle, Support or ADC in addition. --- This is so that, if it happens that two of the laner's main champions are banned, and the alternative champions that laner plays are useless against the opponent's champion, we can switch them with another suitable player with a different champion pool. This may never be a problem, but it's good to have the preventative in place. If you like our ethic and are interested in joining, then please leave a comment with your summoner name, me or Sandro will get back to you via in-game friend request. We will play a game or two together before determining if you are still interested in joining our team and you are suitable for our composition :-) This is a game, so the ultimate goal is to have fun—that is what we seek, but there is also a lot of reward to be had in making great plays and succeeding through team effort. Hope that we can experience that together! --- _Cheers, Team RADCON_

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