Looking for new friends to play with, rank isn't important

There we go. Hello folks, ladies and gentlemen, **About me in League of Legends** It's a me, Sharp Karp. Since I started playing this game (around Jinx release), I've been enjoying and maining support, playing with my friends, you know, the usual stuff. Tried out several roles, but this seems to be the most fitting one. Anyway. Realising most of my dearest friends left the game or actually ended up shitting on my friendship entirely, I decided to play on my own. Now the problem: Most people I get matched with, premades, solos, whatever, tend to flame as much as they breathe. It can be fun reading through all of those accusations, blaming, report calling, insulting, mostly in a foreign language I sadly understand, but in the end, I just feel sick and I'm not enjoying myself anymore. Maybe some of you understand. **What I basically am looking for**: I'm looking for players to play with and who probably are sick of that strange behaviour of fellow summoners, too. These are the requirements: - Be friendly. People most likely will be friendly to you too. If you see me or someone else doing something "stupid", don't "CAPS LOCK" all game. Trust me, I can see if I %%%%ed up, and I'm feeling bad already. No need to reduce our chances of winning more.. - Be helpful. If I end up buying the same boots twice (remember the "doing something stupid" part?), and trust me, this doesn't happen on purpose, just tell me and I'll do something about it. Same about every kind of build, if a strategy is going wrong of if you just got a good idea. And no, telling someone to get cancer isn't part of "good ideas". Just be a mindful person on the internet, I suppose.. - I don't care about ranks. I beat diamond players and I got beaten by bronze players. I'm not even sure if I had the fitting rank. I hit low Gold mostly by duoing with a friend. As long as you're doing your best, you're most welcome. That's the things I can think of for now. Oh, and if you're curious about me: Currently I'm living in Germany in order to study German and English, I'm 21 years old, I enjoy playing in the evening and I usually pick squishy utility supports, favourites being Sona and Nami. I'm not a fan of rankeds, but if I ever find people I got a good synergy with, we can try. If you feel like we could get along, just add me, I'll be online later after revising university stuff. P.S. I added my favourite "[Link](https://i.ytimg.com/vi/VHechCZNjmw/hqdefault.jpg)", even though it was optional. Hehe.. Get it? Link? I know, it's not him, merely a statue, but it looks like him right? I like the Zelda Franchise a lot, I could have picked any Link, but.. eh.. hehe.. GG, AFK. (I need a coffee and more sleep, honestly..) Anyway, see you, whether it you being enemies or allies, The Sharp (Magi)Karp named Yana ^__^
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