V1ctory Or Death LF Jungler (Plat5+)

V1ctory Or Death is looking for a jungler to complete our roster. The goal is to climb and improve as a team together, And hopefully enter tournaments in the not too distant future. We ask that you are at least Plat 5 in soloQ and at least silver in Flex queue. Our ranks currently are: Top - Diamond 5 Jung - Open Mid - Plat 5 ADC - Plat 3 Supp - Plat 5 We need you to have a working mic and be pretty active as we are going to be looking to practise regularly, although a schedule will be fully decided when we have picked our jungler. If you want to apply please leave a message here stating some basic facts like what country you are from, Your best champs and your soloQ and FlexQ rank.Or add me in game (Chicken Cha Pati) I will get back to you ASAP^^

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