Pathogen looking for highly dedicated Jungle, ADC and Support Plat 1+

Who we are: Team Pathogen is a newly founded team looking to compete in tournaments and leagues. We are looking for three players to complete our roster in the following positions: Jungle, Adc and Support. We are hoping to attract players who want to seriously improve. The team will have a strong focus on improving our players as much as possible and competing frequently. If you are interested in applying please ensure you meet the following conditions, if you do not, please do not submit an application as it will be instantly declined. Conditions players need to meet: Players must be able to communicate effectively and as much as possible within game and during team meetings, this means that you have a working mic and access to TS3. - Be a Plat 1 or greater SoloQ player. - Able to play daily for between 3 and 4 hours. - Take criticism and use it to improve as a player. - Willing to learn new champions if required. Application Form and Contact Details: IGN: Age: Location: Role Applying for: SoloQ Rank: Please post your application here or email the team at:
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