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**Hello everyone!** We are currently two people who are looking for some players who would like to play 5v5. *It does not have to be ranked.* We are not really looking for 100 % serious players for normal, neither for 100 % "only fun"-players. A 50/50 would be really nice! I would like you to be able to communicate, which means that I would like you to have Skype - We are talking english so be prepared :D! I do not really know what to type in here, so feel free to contact me c: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **ME ** IGN: Careful (as you can see..) Gender: Female Age: 17 Country: Denmark Main role: Support (main at least 3 champions in each role) Solo/duo: Currently silver but gold last season Info: I'm a very serious person in normals, but when I am with more than 1 person I will let the fun begin. I have been playing since S1 but I am not into ranked that much - Since I am losing a lot of the times xD. I'm not gonna write a whole biography of myself TODAY. ---------------------------------------------------- **My friend c:** IGN: Jan Julius Gender: Male Age: 19 Country: The Netherlands Main role: Top Solo/duo: Silver but gold last season ------------------------------------------ I know that this is not a letter but... Signed sincerely, Lea, Careful

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