Don't look at this if you don't have at least a 2 year experience!

Hi guys...I made this topic because i'm full of guys like go for lvl 30 and next for the ranked game instantly. I'm in bronze on Eu N&E and every single guy asks me how I'm still in bronze with this good playstyle. I've been playing this game like 5 years and I'm looking for seriously experienced people to play, if you're not seriously devotated, you can go away by now. If you want to add me,here is my summoner's name: riscant First of all, we'll go for some normals to create an idea about the playstyle... If I like how you're doing and if you like me too,we can try some ranked games after that. ATTENTION: I'm a very severe person...I'll accept just people with potential and seriousness.
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