Need some help getting back into the game EUW

So a very long time ago _(About 3 years ago now)_ I played League on a nightly basis, with a group of both IRL and Internet friends over Skype. I ended up at Gold 2 eventually, but the game was becoming more than a game for some of our friends. They would take loses very badly and blame all of us so we ended up all stopping. Now, 3 years later, I've returned to the game I know and love. And it's all completely different. I'm looking to find some teammates to work with over Discord and potentially help me get used to the new way of the game. I've been playing again for about a month now and have reached rank 22 and want to have a better understanding of the game before playing ranked again. I'm a Riven main _(I promise I'm not that horrible)_ But occasionally play Soraka support, Elise/Evelynn Jungle or Sivir ADC.

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