[DIA+] LF aggressive adc for duo q

Hi, I'm 21 yo and from Norway. I'm going to practice more on aggressive playstyle and champs, and looking for an adc that could help me out. I'm a utility support atm, but I'm bored of playing so passive. So I need an adc that can help me "wake up", and hard win the bot lane. The first games I would prefer playing in normals or on my gold 1 smurf. I need a couple of games to get used to moving out of my comfort zone. Championpool atm: {{champion:43}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:201}} Champions I wanna pick up: {{champion:412}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:53}} **Requirements:** 16+ Decent english Mic and skype/discord/ts3 Diamond + Friendly Add me in game to have a chat and figure out if we got some synergy Cheers, Lady From Norway

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