[EUW] girls team LFM

Hai fellow summoners! Thanks for youre interest in our 5v5. We are a casual team who are looking for a few more. We play normals at the moment to become more in sync with eachother but we're planning to do ranked pretty soon. Our current schedule to play is sundays till thursdays at CET 18:30. **::LOOKING FOR MOAR::** Firstly you need to be a girl. As mentioned, need some girl power! ^_^ Looking for team members that can commit and wants to advance together for higher ranks. Also you need to be lvl 30 and preferably in a division. Bronze, silver, gold etc doesn't matter. The point of this is to evolve together. You need to be able to communicate in English and be 18+. Voice communication via Skype is a must. AND of course we are looking for a positive friendly players with team spirit! ;D **FLAMING IS A NO-NO.** Flaming will **NOT** be accepted against team members or players in game. Flame = kick. Simple as that. You don't have to be good at any role or champion. What will you get? - a team who plays for fun (ofcourse, winning is more fun then losing but losing gives experience aswell! so keep your head up!) - for the one who wants to know, we are all silver+ in soloq - lot's of giggles like only girls can :D Fill in this form to apply so we can contact you: [Click here](http://goo.gl/wfFwKD)
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