Looking For Partner => Improvement & Climbing!!

Hello! I am looking for a duo partner High Gold / Platinum and above for coaching to learn and improve during this pre-season 6. My purpose is reach platinum and also learn how to play to an higher level of ranked. I am always pissed off for the reasons that everyone knows about the matchmaking and also in theese few days my win rate dropped from almost 60% to 50%. From g4 to g5 and for me its unbelievable see some stuffs.. so please add me for duo ranked in game i can play Supp Adc or Top in order and even fill Jng and Mid. I seen many people boosted on ranked that ruin the game and i don want this i want to reach an high level then have the ability to stay there and be a good member for my team. DO NOT HESITATE TO CONTACT ME SO!! Gl & See u soon!!
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