Team looking for a stable, active jungler

Hey. Team Equilibrium T1 is currently recruiting a jungler to complete our roster. Equilibrium, is a newly formed UK based community, recruiting a Jungler for team 1 as well as a bunch of other players to fill up other teams and help the community grow The kind of Jungler we are looking for is someone who has good communication, committed to climb the ranks but also laid back for a laugh, you will need to be able to adapt to the team play style and meta of the game. Ideally we want you to be able to take criticism and have the willingness to improve your game. Team 1 will have scheduled practice which we expect you to be able to attend on Wednesday, Friday and Sundays, we will also have unscheduled days to play whenever the team is all online. We do not expect you to be god like from the start, that’s why we have practice, all we want is for you to be willing to adapt and improve if needed. If you are interested in this position, or even if you are not, check out the website or add me on League, RyForan.

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