Serious team LF experienced analyst [Diamond+ preferred]

Hey guys! _TL;DR: We are a serious team looking to improve at a faster rate and we think adding an analyst in our roster can get us to a much better position, add me in game for more info/questions (OM el bojo loco)._ My team (Obvious Mechanics) has been competing in weekly and monthly tournaments, and we are improving but at a slower rate than we want. We are 5 motivated players and we practice with the team as much as possible. We have tried some analysts but none of them were motivated to stick with us and analyse our games as much as we needed. So we have decided to look for other oppertunities. **What's in it for us?** - We get a motivated and constructive analyst that has almost to just as much time as we do to analyse our games. - We get to improve at a much faster rate, allowing us to stand higher chances to win more and bigger tournaments with bigger prize pools. And of course the prizes will be shared evenly over the roster (including the analyst, because he helped us get there aswell). - We get a 6th member to our team, which is not only good for the team, but it can also be a lot of fun. **What's in it for you?** - A good oppertunity to grow as an analyst and improve at it. - Prizes from tournaments we win. - 5 motivated team players that are willing to listen to what you have to say and listen to your constructive feedback. Currently our roster exists of 4 Diamonds and 1 Plat. Also we are re-making our practice schedule due to recent roster changes at this moment, tomorrow it will be done and we can let you know when we need you, untill then you are welcome to add me in game (OM el bojo loco) for more information or questions. We need you at least every other tuesday evening (8pm CET+). Thank you for reading and I hope to hear from our future analyst soon! P.S. If you want to take this role together with a friend, we will allow it, but the prizes you recieve will be split over the 2 analysts. P.S.S If you happen to have a good friend who can fit in the coach position, we are looking for that aswell.

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