Team for ESL. We want to win!

Hey guys, We are a team that has a huge winrate together. In the moment we play vs master and challenger teams in our team ranked sessions. We've already won some cups and even beaten an Turkey CS Team with a lot of other pretty strong teams. But right now we want to continue and try our best for the upcoming ESL season. Our Teams looks like this at the moment **D2 - Toplane** _ D3/D2 - Jungle _ ** D3-D1 - Midlaner** Challenger - ADC D1 - Support As you see I've maked Top/Mid and Jungle. First of all we need a Jungle sub, because our main jungler is not able to be there for his time, as he is doing his Master degree. We also need a Top und Mid players, because our current mid and top are not able to be as activ as we are. But we want to use our time and train a lot more. Besides that if you are intersted, feel free to add me. We are looking for D3+ players I'm the coach/manager that holds this team and don't worry about the actual ranks, as every player in our teams wants to reach higher then that. Add me for more information :)

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