Exile Gaming Recruiting [15+] [Serious&Casual]

**Exile Gaming Looking for people like you!** ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Content** _1. Who are we? 2. Who can join? 3. Looking for coaches 4. Looking for Editor 5. Looking for commentator 6. Register Casual 7. Register Serious 8. Register Admin 9. Community Rules _ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Who are we?** We are Exile Gaming!. We are a new community for league of legends players by League of Legends players. We are dedicated to make a community for others and creating the best experience as possible! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Who can join?** This server is for everybody! No matter what rank you are, you can be a part of Exile Gaming! This isn't your typical community, we're for league players by league players. We understand you are here to play and make friends or play serious and play with a team! We are based on **EUW** so no other regions! If you have a team you can also join the discord, we will set you up with private channels and management (optional)! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Looking for Coaches** Are you dedicated to coach other people to the top? Joining major tournaments or small tournaments! are you dedicated to make your team a succes. We are looking for coaches Open teams to be coached! Diamond Team Platinum Team 2x Gold Team Ask our Community manager for more info! (join our discord) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Looking for Editor** Are you dedicated to edit things Photoshop Video editing Banners and more? We are looking for: Someone that is experience in editing Someone that listens to our idea's and fantasy's Someone that knows the programs and can start directly What do you get? Editor rank! Always fame and some promotion! Ask our Community manager for more info! (join our discord) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Looking for commentator** Are you dedicated to commentate tournaments games from our community! do you have the skills and can you handle it? We are Looking for: Someone that knows to talk fluently English. Someone that has game knowledge Can you record the games with OBS? Someone that has fun to do this and is dedicated to make it work. What do you get? Commentator Rank! Always fame and Promotion Ask our Community manager for more info! (join our discord) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Register Casual** How to get in our community as Casual player! Casual people need to go true a social trail 5 members need to give feedback to the community manager or owner. 75% of the members need to agree that you are a nice player! Discord link: https://discord.gg/c9kWFmB Ask our Community manager for more info! (join our discord) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Register Serious** Are you dedicated to play in a team and win games together get coached and improve in the game? Register for tournament team! Please put under the post this and answer the questions! _1. IGN 2.Current rank 3.When do you have time 4.Op.gg link 5.Main role 6.Champion pool 7. Age 8. rate how serious you are ( from 1 to 10 ) 9. rate how dedicated you are in playing in a team! ( from 1 to 10)_ After those Questions and we like you! you get a interview with our community manager that put you on the right spot! (silver/gold elo needs 50% end result to be able to join ) (plat dia needs 75% end result to be able to join ) Ask our Community manager for more info! (join our discord) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Register Admin** Are dedicated to lead our place give information to others and help to get the bully's out? this is great for you! We are looking for. Someone that can be online for more than 4 hours a day (prefer in the evenings!) Someone that can handle problems their self Someone that is good in communicating to others What do you need to do? You join our discord and say I want to be a admin! you will be put in a trail by our community manager and he will deside if you are good enough for this rank! Ask our Community manager for more info! (join our discord) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Community Rules _1. Don't Join Rooms that aren't made for you. 2. No Bullying. 3. No sexist comments. 4. No Racism . 5. Show respect to the admins 6. Show respect to the owner 7. Show respect to the manager 8. No spamming in the chat rooms 9. Be respectful for the community members 10. Listen to your team captains (only for team players)_ Consequences if you don't follow up the rules: First offense : you get a warning. (depends on how bad your action was) Second offense : you get a timeout. (kicked) (We will give you a time when you can come back) (If you come back earlier that the time is given you will get perma banned) Third offense : you will get **perma banned **. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hope you will join soon! Kind Regards, Exile Gaming Staff
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