Looking for cool people.

Hi, I am looking for friendly and mature people for to play with (duh), normal queue/arams, because I already have my own duoq. (but who knows) Since tribunal isn't working I've been playing with toxic players and imature no sense people who just know how to feed/flame or afk So, if you are a good player (guy/girl) feel free to add me to your friendlist. :) Skype/Ts/Rc/Curse isn't necessary, because 1º english isn't my first language and I can speak weird things since I can speak other 3 languages u_u and 2nd I hate talking while I am playing. And would be great if we could be friends in LoL or in real life. Anyway . :) Some advices: Don't add me if you > flame, 0 skills, 0 vision (if you don't buy wards or don't look at minimap), 0 map awareness, don't do objectives, don't know who focus. I main adc/support/jungle. My pref champs: {{champion:32}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:143}}{{champion:42}}
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