So guys i really need a due or triple or whatever, im just really frustrated Its impossible in silver, just impossible, every game either premade trolls or feeders or afks, i played on my friends account in platinum and its 10x better so dont believe what people say, it really feels like people in silver installed the game today, cluelessly diving towers and going 1v5 solo without any common sense So, can someone please help me out? An example of my games... And no, u cant carry a team if every lane is losing, u cant carry a team if u losing ur lane because there are 4 people pushing ur lane from the 3rd minute, u cant carry a team no matter how good u are and believe me my plat+ friends tried just gave up. Did i get chat banned? you bet i did, come and play here for 2 days in silver4 and we will see how u keep ur calm when ur support goes to put a ward in enemy red 4 times in a row and 4 times in a row getting melted 1v3 there... ANYHOW, i did enjoy better games when i due my friends from gold/plat, because in silver most of hte games are already "over" after 8 min when the top lane is 0-5 or smh EDIT: Im not horrible at all, dont blame the "weak little silver player" for not being able to pull himself out of silver Im a decent player that wants to get better but u just cant, instead of learning how to play u get frustrated because ur adc got 20 farm on 12min and the only thing u learn or get experience of is the standing hugging the base tower until the clock shows 20:00 Please add me :/{{item:3070}}
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