[EUNE] Pool Party Recruitment Thread and Chat Room

#With the pool party now over I'll close off these topics - thanks for all your hard work guys, we made it to level 5! :-) http://eune.leagueoflegends.com/sites/default/files/styles/wide_small/public/upload/pool_party_201_splash_1920.jpg?itok=QGxFrikL [Click here for information about the event](http://eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/page/features/team-up-pool-party) As there have been so many threads regarding this, please post here if you're interested in pool partying! --- # What's this list for? Look through the list, find people who sound like the type you wouldn't mind having a water gun fight with, and add them ingame to get your pool partying going! --- #Is there any other way for me to find people to play with? Join one of the below chat rooms - go through them in order, if they're full - move on to the next! ##For Any Mode: - PoolPartyTeam (for any game type) - PoolPartyTeam1 (for any game type) - PoolPartyTeam2 (for any game type) - PoolPartyTeam3 (for any game type) etc... ##For ARAM's: - PoolPartyARAM (for ARAM's only!) - PoolPartyARAM1 (for ARAM's only!) etc... If you find the rooms are full, just add the next number! :-) We're filling up quick, so I'm not going to keep adding them here - just add a number ^_^ Also, if you're not actively looking for people, it'd be super nice of you to leave the room and let someone else join :-) http://i.gyazo.com/1285aef6dc65e76a5cf75105a2e399f9.png --- #Okay, what do I post below? In the interest of making it easier for everyone, please post using the following template: [Server]: [Summoner Name]: [Level]: [Additional Info/Restrictions]: IE: > [Server]: EUNE > [Summoner Name]: Eambo [Level]: 30 [Additional Info/Restrictions]: Bronze or unranked only. Prefer top.
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