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*CLOSED RECRUITMENT* Not recruiting at the moment! We are needing a very good support and an adc. I think four spots available so far if everyone who received my invitation has accepted it. I can play almost every role. To Be Recruited: Comment down your Division, Roles, Age. NO TOXIC PLAYERS NO MATTER WHAT. Serious players. Divisions Needed: Gold,Silver,Bronze. You must comment so I can add you. Don't just add me in the game without commenting. After I see that you're qualified I shall gladly accept you. -------------------- Roles as in .. jungle mid top adc support.. not fighter mage and etc. Copy Paste This to your comment: Division: Name: Roles: Age: --- My Info: Division: Silver V Name: Lotus Of Time Roles: Jungle - Mid - Ad Carry - Top. Age: 15 From: Kuwait. Don't know where that is? It's middle east. South East Asia. --- I shall see you in the game summoner! good luck!

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