Support main stuck in low plat - looking for help to improve (not boosting)

Hei. I was diamond last season, and after the new patches and changes in bot lane, I find it tilting and awful to climb as support. I don’t feel like changing role cause of it, but rather crack the code to climb in this patch. I have previous been playing utility supports like Nami, Janna, Karma, Lulu. I had a 63% win rate with Janna, but now I got a 32% win rate on her, and 37 % winrate in solo Q. I usually win or go even in the lanes. I need help with choosing my champions and how to win the game from being a support, and improve micro and macro plays. I believe I know the basics of support, but I don’t mind criticism on every litle thing. As long as it's constructive criticism, and not calling me a boosted wh*re for missing a Thresh hook. I got and if someone want to go through the games with me. Skype, TS3 and Discord with a decent mic, for communication. **Contact me ** **Skype:** emilie.tonnessen _(Blond with a golden shirt)_ **IGN:** Lady From Norway Cheers Emilie “Lady From Norway” _I won’t accept people who add me cause my name made them interested, I might have bigger balls than you_ :)
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