Serious Team Looking For Mid Laner

Hello community, I'm PROJECT Ultimato, captain of the team PROJECT from Syndical Gaming. We are a Diamond team from last season aiming for Master/Challenger this season and are here looking for a mid laner that really fits in since ours recently left. The requirements are the following: - You need a working set up: headphones, mic, good internet connection and teamspeak 3 - you need an excelent atitude: we're not looking for grumpy people who just want to flame at everyone else while in-game our outside of the game - you need to be able to take criticism and use it in your favour (that's what we have a coach for) - you need to have a strong team communication not only during the tryouts but ALWAYS! And last but not least: - You need to have been Diamond+ last season and on your way there this season. You can apply through here or add me in game as the nickname above. Hope to talk to you soon.
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