Support main looking for a DECENT adc (Pref Dia 4+)

Hello, I'm DittoDotje and I've been suffering in soloqueue, I see the worst adc's here and there, and I'm sure that if I get a decent adc botlane with me we can win a lot of games! I'm currently dia 4, and my peak was dia 3 60lp, my main champions are: {{champion:40}} {{champion:267}} and sometimes I play {{champion:117}} . If you prefer some kind of duo, I can play all other supps exept for sona and bard. I became desperate because of the last games I had.. I guess solo queue is not for me anymore. Is there anybody so safe me from my suffering? Trying out is okay, and if you think I'm not good enough then you're free to say that or remove me. Feel free to add IGN: DittoDotje Have a nice day~ [Note: My second role Is jungle and I play {{champion:106}} and{{champion:113}} there the most]

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