LF Duo queue partner (G1 Support Main)

Hello i have been looking for a duo queue partner for a while now :3 I want someone who plays alot and can duo alot! Prefer them to be same division or higher! The life of a main support is a lonley one without a duo queue partner! Prefer you to be 18+ (since I am 21) and should have a mic so we can communicate in game. Got skype/ts/cv/rc but if you prefer anything else we can always use that except mumble. Dont like that one. I love playing but i can adopt my playstyle alot. I can play {{champion:37}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:223}} but as I said the others are the ones I prefer to play in the current meta! I want to become better so I want people to be able to say what they think I should improve on (without being rude). I am from Sweden aswell so i have a somewhat accent so if that will disturb you then you might wanna look elsewhere. But other then that i live in sweden atm. I am currently looking for a job so i dont have anything to do all day longs except playing league. If you have a problem with girls you might also wanna look elsewhere. I was p1 on NA last season but because of reasons i had to take a longer break plus i moved back to sweden so got put in G5 tho i have climbed like a moster the last days.

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