looking for poeple to climb to gold with currently S2!

As most of you know we only have 10 days left before the season ends and i'm looking for people to hit Gold with before the deadline. I'm looking for people that have free time and are dedicated to getting gold by playing a good chunk of games before getting offline instead of playing 2 matches and then leaving. My role picks are bot/jungle but i can vary! Terms: 1.I do not tolerate flaming or passive aggressive chat to random team mates, we all get matched with feeders and terrible players but telling them how bad they are and flaming them for it just tilts them even more and get's them to troll or even afk, so don't talk to them. If i see flaming towards team mates i will remove you instantly and pretend like i never found you on these forums if you're just going to be another flamer 2.Would like you to be atleast silver 3 3.If you aren't serious or dedicated to climbing then don't bother. I'm not looking for people who only play a couple of matches and then get offline, it's called grinding for a reason. If you truly want to get out of silver then keep on reading 4.Believe in yourself, plain and simple. You should truly believe that you have what it takes to get out of silver but you're just being held back by troll players and feeders who ruin the player experience not just for you, but for everyone else on your team, and that's why you're here, to look for other level headed players. 5.Voice chat isn't required but is preferred with a decent microphone, if you choose to join me on this road then we can discuss voice chatting should you want to add me. And finally, my LoL name is tophix, i will accept any request sent to me, just let me know that you're adding me because of this forum post and want to get out silver, just like i do.
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