ADC main LFT / Duo (Mid plat)

Hey, ADC main for some years. Haven't been seriously playing the game since s6, I've just played a few games a week. Recently started playing a lot more, currently gold 3 and climbing fast (skipped divisons from g5-g3, currently have g1 MMR), I've got a 70% winrate with 35 games played. Match history over the past few days: Looking for a flex team that plays regularly around mid-plat (Nobody who is gold with hundreds of games). I'm not interested in a team made up of people playing off-roles. I'd really only like to play with people who main their role. Also looking for someone mid-plat (ideally a jungler/support) to duo with around mid-plat. I'm getting matched with plat V - plat 1 players anyway, so I might as well duo with people that rank anyway. This is an old account, comment below and I'll add you on my main.
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