Diamond 3 Midlaner LFT

Hey guys, im 21 years old currently Dia 3 and am interested in finding new Dynamic Queue mates or a Team to gamble with, as its kinda boring to play alone mostly. My main Lane is Midlane, i am able to play the usual metachamps as well as some offmeta picks. The team should already consist of at least 3 players, i am not interested in playing for a recently started team. Im more into looking for a solid permanent arrangement. Additionally i would like to improve myself while playing with my mates, so i am really open to feedback and criticism and improvements in communicating ingame. I have 3 years of experience in diamond soloq and tournaments. Short summary: -Currently Diamond 3 (last season Diamond 1-2 mostly) -Positive mindset, i am not tilted easily -Eager to improve as a team and on a personal level -Looking for a already existing team (no new teams please) -Interested in competing in leagues and tournaments -Able to communicate in german and english Im looking forward to hear from you very soon. Best regards.
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